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We are very please to be able to offer acupuncture with qualified vet and acupuncturist Helen Scott in addition to the more conventional therapies available here.  Acupuncture is most commonly used for pain relief, but can also help the body deal with other diseases.  It works through the nervous system to block pain messages, and encourage the brain and central nervous system to produce more of the body’s natural painkillers.


Animals generally tolerate the fine needles very well- we rarely need any sedation.  Some dogs are happier coming here when they have been having acupuncture than they were beforehand!  Cats and rabbits often accept acupuncture surprisingly well, and can show a very good response to treatment too.


A typical treatment course would be once weekly for 4 weeks, then repeat sessions at lengthening intervals depending on how long the response lasts.  Most of our longer term clients know when top-up sessions are needed- their pet tells them!


Acupuncture is very safe, in the right hands. On animals, legally it must be performed by a Veterinary Surgeon.  There are a very few cases where we would be cautious about using acupuncture, but all cases are individually assessed.


If you’d like further information on acupuncture for your pet please click the links below or giive one of our friendly team a call.

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