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Blood Donation



You can make your dog a hero by having him or her on our list of blood donating dogs.  We all know how important it is for humans to donate blood, but have you realised its just as important for our pets?  When our pets are ill or injured they will more than likely need blood. Thats why so many pet owners are getting on board and allowing their pets to donate blood


Would your dog like to be on our donation list?

You will only be called if your dog is needed but this may be out of hours.


To become a blood donor your pet will need to fit a certain criteria:

Your dog must be healthy and well-tempered.

Between 1-6 years of age and fully vaccinated.

Over 26 kg of body weight

Tick, flea and worming must be up to date.

If a heart murmur, seizures or any other chronic disease were diagnosed unfortunately your dog is not fit for donation.

If your pet previously received a blood donation it is not recommend they become a donor.


To register your dog on our list of blood donors please complete the form below.

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