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The BHS and University of Nottingham have teamed up to launch a new campaign this month regarding the potential life-threatening condition of colic.


The 'REACT now to beat colic' initiative aims to educate and advise horse owners on colic; how to recognise the more subtle, early signs of colic symptoms and what to do if your horse develops colic.


New research by The University of Nottingham found that more than 90% of horse owners did not feel confident in spotting the early signs of colic.


This evidence based research also found that colic accounts for one in three emergency veterinary call outs to horses. At least one in ten of these cases may be critical, and up to 80% of these critical cases can result in death or the horse being euthanised.


The simple acronym REACT is being used to help owners spot the early signs:


R - restless or agitated

E - eating less or droppings reduced

A - abdominal pain

C - clinical signs

T - tired or lethargic


In a bid to prevent colic reaching critical stages, a comprehensive library of new resources has been produced to support horse owners in being prepared should colic occur.  There are a number of information sheets with invaluable information that owners can download from the BHS website and a brand new information video.


See the BHS website for further information on this new, potentially life saving initiative


REACT now to beat colic!

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